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Interest Bearing

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FBT Bank & Mortgage has an account that will fit your needs. Let your money work for you. See one of our customer service representatives to decide which account works best for you.

Simple Savings

Earn interest on funds until you need them in a simple savings account. Receive interest payments and statements quarterly. This account allows you to tuck away some funds for those unexpected expenses. A minimum balance is required to avoid a service charge.

Investment Checking

With our Investment Checking account you can have access to your money, have unlimited check writing and unlimited deposits and still earn interest on your money. A minimum balance is required to avoid a service charge.

Platinum Plus Savings

Maintain a bigger balance, earn more interest. It’s simple.

When you want to squeeze as much interest as possible out of your savings, the Platinum Plus savings account makes it easy. The higher your account balance, the more interest you earn with rate increases at balances of $2,500, $10,000, $25,000 and $50,000. A minimum balance is required to avoid a service charge.

Cottonbelt Riders Club

Teach your child to save money at an early age. This account is for children under the age of 13. There is no minimum balance and no service charge.

Christmas Club

Save all year long for Christmas Expenses. Open a Christmas Club account with as little as $5.00. Make deposits throughout the year and in November have those funds plus interest deposited into a checking or savings account for you to buy those gifts. There is a penalty for early withdrawal or closure.

Certificate of Deposits

Safe, versatile investments.

Many terms are available with interest paid by check, capitalization or direct deposit in a checking or savings account. Substantial penalties can apply for early withdrawal. Contact a customer service representative for terms and rates that fit your needs.

Individual Retirement Accounts

Enjoy your retirement. Plan ahead.

Many types of IRA investments are available, from long-term Certificates of Deposit with a fixed rate to variable-rate 18-month accounts you can deposit into any time. You can open your IRA with a minimum balance of just $25. Contact a customer service representative for terms that fit your needs.